Hot Stuff Celebrities Love…

The Miami Herald just featured Sweet Muse in their “Hot Stuff Celebrities Love” column, calling it “Fifty Shades of Us Weekly.” Big woo!

I *might* be especially excited about this because I just might be a little obsessed with South Beach and maybe just maybe daydreamed everyday last winter of moving there in the midst of Boston’s snowmageddon.

Here it is:

Hollywood watchers: We’ve got some summer reading for you already. NYC-set “Sweet Muse: A Modern Day Fairy Tale” (Merrimack Media) by former mag editor Ava Cummings, follows Anna Starr, a celebrity journalist whose life gets turned upside down after meeting dashing Damien Wolfe, rising star in the art world. A whirlwind romance ensues, naturally. Fifty Shades of Us Weekly? Hmmm.


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